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why-choose-usEgypt Fun Tours offers Egypt shore excursions from all the ports in Egypt. We understand all your concerns regarding safety and security, and that is why we are ranked so high in Egypt. We know that your time is limited when arriving by sea; you have to get going on your trip promptly and return in order to meet the ship’s schedule.

  • We pick you up from inside the port next to your ship. Other unlicensed companies can not provide this service and guests are forced to walk 2 kilometers to the gate of the port.

  • We offer fully customizable tours, want to check something out that’s not in the basic tour? No problem!

  • Looking for private tours? We offer those. Looking to join a group and get a discounted rate? We do that too!

  • We are the ONLY tour company in Egypt that lets you pick your own guide!

  • We are the ONLY tour company in Egypt that provides a backup vehicle along with the primary vehicle in order to make sure you arrive back at the port 2 hours before departure.

  • You only pay for your tour AFTER you have finished and are totally satisfied!

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