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Queen Hatshepsut temple luxorQueen Hatshepsuit was one of the kings of ancient Egypt, ruled over the country for almost 20 years. She held all the titles of an ancient Egyptian king (son of god Ra, King of upper and lower Egypt, the lord of the two ladies, Horus, and Golden Horus), for that reason she made male statues for herself shown with muscles, and even in a form of a warrior. She is very famous for her campaign to the land of Punt (most probably Somalia) to bring in Incense trees, African oils, and all the African goods and slaves to Egypt.

She erected a very beautiful temple for herself in the western bank of the Nile in Luxor to be a funeral destination for the Egyptian nation to remember the queen.

The temple is very modern looking is called by the locals "Al-Dier El-Baharie" meant the northern Monastery as the temple was in use by Christians for a very long period until the 18th century.

Most of the depictions on the walls of the temple are gone as the temple was in a very bad condition until it was restored by some European  Egyptologists.


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