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Hello, “Hamada and his crew were fun, energetic and informative. I would highly recommend their touring services. They made our cruise to Egypt well worth it. If you are looking for a fun way to get to learn all you can about Egypt, Hamada and his crew is definitely the team to hire! “

Hello Hamada,

I want to thank you and Yasser for being our guides and cannot tell you how much we enjoyed Egypt. (I forgot the driver's name) We want to come back again and tour Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. We will let you know so that we can request you for our guide. You guys worked so hard for us and took much time away from your families which we most greatly appreciated. Whenever you are in Florida and you bring your family to Orlando to Disney World let us know and we will return the favor.

One thing I learned from visiting your country is that we are all people no matter where you go in the world going through the same struggles and situations. We love our families, we want the best for them, we want a better life, we want to appreciate others customs and lifestyles, and we all are really part of one race, the human race. Not one nationality or race of people are better than any other and we should all respect our differences and learn to appreciate our differences. If more people especially Americans traveled more then maybe we would not have the ignorance and the discrimination we currently have in our society. Sometimes I am ashamed of the attitudes of the Western people. I am glad I got to visit your “neck of the woods” as we say in America. I hope you will get to visit us soon.

Theresa Wade

important tips for egypt travelers

Pick up & Drop off

We pick up all travelers. For Day Tours, pick up can be from Airport/Station/home/hotel/any location within Cairo or Giza. Drop off can be at the same location or any other location you choose.


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