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Egyptian Scarab with Spread WingsThe scarabs were sacred figures in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed in the Scarabaeidae family dung beetle to be presented on earth as one of Ra's image. Both were linked together, as the beetle was seen rolling dung into a ball for the purposes of eating and laying eggs that are later transformed into larva, and Ra was thought to roll across the sky everyday to transform bodies and spirits. This will lead us to think about the common people way of thinking in ancient Egypt comparing it with nowadays' tourists and the Egyptian tour guides and how they interact with the granite scarab statue at Karnak temples.

scarab-of-ancient-egyptIn the ancient times, the farmers might have seen the scarab (the dung beetle) showing up from the ground pulling a ball of dung (mud) and exposing it into the sun heat to dry it out, and then suddenly the larva come out from the ball. This was thought by the farmers to be a sign from their supreme god Amun Ra for a happy day full of good luck as they just have seen new lives created by Amun Ra (the scarab).

The biggest scarab I have ever seen in Egypt is that granite huge statue in Karnak temple dedicated by king Amenhotep III and located in the northern eastern corner of the sacred lake of king Thotmoses III. The statue was very popular in ancient times as it was believed to be one of the images of god Ra, and also a symbol of good luck given by the same god. The popularity of the scarab is maintained by the tour guides who save no effort to convince tourist to walk around the statue for certain rounds seeking good luck and success in their life. This is introduced to the tourist by the guides as a wishing chance!!

The tourist makes his wish which could be a fortune, a new born, a handsome husband (boy friend), success, and happiness in general.

For each wish the tourist should turn around the scarab some specific rounds which is told by guides, 3 rounds (the least) for a common wish (happiness, success, etc), 7 rounds for an impossible wish (get cured hard diseases, get a baby,….etc), 21 rounds for a handsome Egyptian husband, or a beautiful Egyptian wife (guide's joke, but people do walk around it for 21 rounds).

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