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What is the exchange rate and local currency?

The currency is LE pounds. The rate changes daily against the US dollar. Click here to see what the Egyptian exchange rate is for your currency. It has at-a-glance tables for comparison with the Egyptian Pound and a handy currency converter.

Are there any legal restrictions or limits on how much money I can take into Egypt?

There are no restrictions or limits on taking in money.

No, but there may be limits on what you can take out of your own country. Unless you are investing using cash, this should not be an issue.

How much money do you recommend we exchange into Egyptian Pounds?

$200 US per person is the usual. We can arrange this for you on arrival.

Do we need to have Egyptian Currency or should we take US dollars with us?

US dollars or Euros are great for buying souvenirs and such, but for the small items like snacks, bottled water, washroom service, you need to have someone pound Egyptian bills.

Besides hotel incidentals, can we use US dollars for shopping?

Yes, both the US dollar and the Euro are accepted everywhere.

Can I use MasterCard or Amex instead of Visa to pay for my tour?

Yes you can, but it not recommended. Our accounts are Canadian therefore the card company will charge you the exchange rate, plus a fee, in addition to the 3.5% we charge. It is best to use Visa as we have a US Visa account and there are no additional fees over the 3.5%.

Do we have to carry our own luggage?

With one exception, we transport your luggage from the vehicles to your hotel, or cruise. Bellboys will move it from the lobby, to your room, for a small tip.

You will need to carry your luggage onto the train if taking the overnight sleeper, but again, you can pay someone to carry it on and off for you. The cabin attendant will also assist in putting it up on the rack if you wish. We do suggest using a small overnight bag on the train, so you do not need to open your large suitcase.

Is there a place to leave excess luggage we do not need for our trip?

Yes, there is a ‘left’ luggage department at the airport and it costs about $10 US per day, per suitcase. You can also leave luggage with your first hotel concierge and reclaim at the end. Of course, expect to tip them.

Luggage allowance when traveling to EgyptInternational flights generally allow 2 pieces of luggage each person, plus one carry on. Each bag should weigh no more than 50 lbs (23Kgs) each bag for check in luggage and about 22lbs for your carry on. Charter airlines restrict this further.


Where is Upper Egypt?

Egypt is a little unusual. The South part of Egypt is Upper Egypt and the North part, is Lower Egypt. This is because the Nile flows from the higher lands in the South to the lower delta in the North, and out to the Mediterranean Sea.

For your comfort and as you will be changing rooms frequently we recommend one bag and one carry-on per person otherwise you will find your luggage becomes a burden. You can always leave one bag in Cairo at the Hotel while traveling in Luxor/Aswan. We suggest taking one bag per person plus your carry-on and then packing a fold up bag to use for any new purchases or as an overnight bag.

What are your Hotel Categories?

Economy – basically tourist class – 3 & 4star

Deluxe – The major chain hotels – 4 & 5 stars

Luxury – these are top of the line hotels such as the Mena House, Grand Hyatt etc. and, are priced as per each request.

Can we request a specific hotel or cruise?

If you request a specific hotel or cruise, we would have to request it and quote you. Prices fluctuate and we base our prices for the tours, on hotels’ where we have negotiated rates. We may not be able to get your special request at negotiated rates. The prices are likely to be higher.

What does triple accommodation mean?

These could be three twin beds, a double and single, a pullout bed or a cot. There is no set rule; it varies from hotel to hotel.

What about hotels less than 3 stars, are they cheaper?

Hotels less than 3 stars are often run down and dirty. We do not use, or book these hotels, as they do not meet western standards.

Are there coffee and tea facilities in the hotel rooms?

The short answer is no. You will need to take a portable kettle if you wish to drink coffee or tea in your room.

What does half board mean?

Half board means, two meals per day, breakfast and then either lunch or dinner.

Are there gym facilities in the Hotels?

Many of the hotels now have gym facilities. The higher end hotels are more likely to have these services, along with spa treatments.

What are Holiday Supplements?

Holiday supplements are the price increases implemented by the hotels, and other services, during their peak periods, Easter, Christmas, and New Years. We have no control over these supplements and do have to pass them onto the clients. Economy is usually around 15% more, deluxe around 20%, and Luxury around 25%.

Can we take a Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Hot air balloon rides are available only in Luxor and will take you in the early morning, over the Valley of the Kings etc. A wonderful experience, but very expensive. Prices fluctuate around $100 US per person.

They must be booked as an option, as it will depend on weather conditions as to whether they will be available on any particular day.

Optional Hot Air Balloon Rides over Luxor have to remain optional as they are dependent on weather conditions and price fluctuations. The price generally ranges between  $75- $100 and they leave early in the morning. Please let the our office know if there is interest in this option.

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