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Can I travel independently without booking a tour package?

While it is possible to travel Egypt as an independent traveler, it is recommended that you book a package tour, or private tour. Here's why:

You will get much more out of your trip if you have a tour guide explaining things at the sites, and answering any questions on Egyptian culture and history.

Package tours, most times, work out cheaper than booking the individual hotels, boats, transportation and admissions, on your own. Transportation without a pre-booked tour is hard to arrange on your own.

Special permits, or, government escorts and convoys are required, to visit some areas. A tour operator can easily arrange this in advance. In addition, of course, language and cultural barriers can make getting around difficult, and more expensive.

Will we have one Guide throughout our tour?

Guides in Egypt are all licensed. Some are just licensed for their own city, some have licenses that permit them to guide in other cities. It will depend on the availability of guides at the time of your tour. Most guides are contracted by more than one company. We do have some guides that work permanently for us.

Can we hire Guide Services without booking hotels with you?

Yes you can. You can hire as day trips, or as a ‘complete package’ program.

When are the flights from Sharm El Sheik to Cairo?

There are several flights a day, but as with all internal flights in Egypt, most flights are early morning, or late night.

Can you fly from Tel Aviv to Cairo?

Yes you can. However, they do not fly daily, so check the schedules.

Can we fly from Luxor to Sharm El Sheik?

These flights do not go daily. It is more advisable to go back through Cairo, so as not to interrupt your schedule, or go by Ferry via Hurghada.

When does the Ferry go between Sharm El Sheik and Hurghada?

These do not leave every day, and, they take approximately 2 hours. Check the current timetable with Egypt office.

When does the Ferry go between Egypt and Jordan?..The Cat Ferry leaves Nuweiba on a daily basis at 3:00 PM, and arrives in Aqaba at 4:00 PM. It leaves Aqaba on Daily Basis at 12:00 PM, and arrives in Nuweiba at 1:00 PM

The ferry times do change so it is always best to check before departing. Reservations are required to guarantee a space.

When do our day trips for sightseeing start, and end?

The usual time is around 8am to 4 or 5pm. You can arrange these times directly with your guide. Can we do a daytrip from Sharm to Cairo, to see the Pyramids etc.?

Yes it can be done. As it is a 7 hour drive, to do it as a daytrip you will need to fly each way. We suggest you do it as an overnight, if possible, to get the most benefit from it.

Do Day trips have Single Supplements?

This depends. If there is a group of 3 or 5, an odd number, there are no supplements. If there is just 1 person traveling alone, yes we do charge an additional fee of $25 US, to cover the costs of the driver, transportation and guide.

Is there a charge for children age three? We do not charge for Babies up to 2 years, when sharing the room with their parents. As there is no charge for them no services of any kind are provided for them. Any services required for your baby, such as a crib, milk, or, special meals, will need to be paid separately directly by you.

One exception to the baby rule is flights. There is a charge for Babies for any internal flights.

Children from 2-12 years enjoy a 50% discount as long as they share the same room with their parents. If internal flights are included a 40% discount is available.

Children over 12 years are considered adult.

When is the next Aida performance?

The show takes place at the Giza Pyramid, during October. It has been canceled since ‘911’, and we will inform you via our website, when it will begin again.

What are the Dates for Ramadan and Feast of Ramadan?

In 2007, Ramadan will start September 12, and each year following, will be eleven days earlier. The feast is 3 days after Ramadan. During Ramadan, all sites close two hours earlier than usual.

How does Ramadan affect tourism?

There is more traffic at Break Fast time around sunset. Depending on the time of year it does affect some restaurants and some early closings of sites. However, these are minor irritations and guides work around these when on tour. Breakfast time is at sunset so everyone tries to get home for that. (Breakfast not Breakfast is when they stop fasting) Ramadan moves forward approx. 10 days each year. You will also witness some of the celebrations and the street tents set up to feed those who cannot get home for Break Fast.

When does the lock at Esna close for maintenance?

The Esna locks usually close twice a year for maintenance - usually in June and for a short period in early December. During these periods the Cruises dock in Esna instead of Luxorand coach participants to the sites from there by Vehicle. The length of the Cruise is the same. The Nile Cruises are basically used as floating Hotels and the actual sailing time between Luxor and Aswan is 1 day and 1 night. Is the Tomb of Nefertari Open?

The tomb is closed indefinitely for restoration.

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