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With us you can get free of charge tours, if you are a travel agent based in USA, UK, Australia, India, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bosnia or Slovakia, you can contact us for your free tours in Egypt..

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2-The free Tours include Transportation, sightseeing, guiding, and accommodation

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Since you are well established and have been sending clients to Egypt for many years, I would like to request if  you may consider channeling some of your business thru our company Egypt Fun Tours.  What I and the EFT team can promise you is excellent services, good priced packages to enable you resell it with very competitive prices, and always attention to details.

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Tel Basta Archaeological Site 20
Royal chariots Museum 15
Tanta Museum 15
Meir Tomb 25
El Hamameya 25
Mariet Razna Museum at Zagazig Governorate 10
Freizar Tomb 20
Taba Museum 15
Ismaelia Museum 15
Port Said Museum 15
Beni Soueif Museum 15
Kom Osheim Museum at Fayoum 10
San EL Hagar Museum 20
Sebil Ali Bek Al Kebeir in Tanta Free
Wekalet Bazaraa 20
El Sennary House 25
El Kousair Fortress 15
Babaza Tomb 25
El Darb El Asfar 25
Assasif Tomb 30
Nafisa Al Bayda 8
El Sebouaa Area 45
EL Set Wasila 15
Amada Area 45
Temple of Oracle of Amun at Siwa 25
New Valley museum (Al Wadi El Gedid) 30
Gebel el Mawta (mountain of dead) at Siwa 25
Areish National Museum 25
Merit Amoun Statue 25
House of Gamal El Din El Zahaby 15
El Towed Temple 25
Graves of the Royal Family of Mohamed Ali 20
Citadel Mahka 25
Tomb of Bashedu 15
El Harawy House 15
Princes Tombs 30
Temple of Kalabsha 35
Anba Samaan Monastery 25
Sebil Island 25
Mohamed Bek Abu El Zahaby Collection 25
El Kab Tombs 30
El Ghoury Collection 25
Temple of Hor-Moheb 25
Sebil and Kottab of Sultan Queitbay 25
El Mozawaka 25
Beir Yousef 25
El Zayan Temple 25
Saladin Fortress at TABA ( IN USD) 10 $ USD
El Ghoueita 25
Ashraf Barespay School (medressah) 8
Ezbet Bashandy 25

Kharga Oasis:

El-Bagawat tombs 30
The temple of Hibis (closed)

Bahariya Oasis:

One ticket for all monumental sites 50


Beni Hassan Tombs 30

Tel El-Amarna
Tunal Gabal & Ashmoonin 20
Malawy museum 10
Akhnaton Tomb 25

The Telephone system in Egypt is overloaded and antiquated. 4/5 Star Hotels will have direct line dialing and international service. Some hotels have data ports and even their own Internet Cafes, or you can hook up your laptop directly to the phone if you have an ISP service you can use.

Calling cards through an International Operator (AT & T etc) or credit cards can be used for calling. They do have calling cards available for sale everywhere to be used in the local call boxes, which are usually two different types. Directions may not always be in English.

There are Internet Cafes in all the major cities - Cairo/Luxor/Aswan/Alexandria/Hurghada,

They usually range from $3 to $6 US an hour, with a minimum 15 minute charge. However, the ISP's are not as reliable and it is sometimes difficult to get on particularly in the evening, and it's not unusual to get booted off.

Cellphones are everywhere in Egypt, it has one of the highest usages for cellphones in the world, which makes sense as their Telephone system can't keep up with the regular phone requirements. They have international cellphone service, and it covers just about everywhere, even the most remote areas. Outgoing calls are quite expensive, but in most cases there is no charge for incoming calls. If renting independently, check all the charges ahead of time.

Culture: The population is made up of mainly Moslems and Coptic Christians. The main day of worship is Fridays, which is their weekend holiday. Government offices, Institutions, and Banks close Fridays and Saturdays.

The food is varied, chicken and lamb are popular, as is rice, pasta, beans, and Pita bread. Tea (Shai) is the main drink of the Egyptians and is served frequently with mint.

Egyptians keep themselves and their homes very clean. Litter is a problem, particularly in the poorer areas where solid waste disposal is lacking. The noise level in parts of the Cities is quite high, and Cairo, in particular, is a 24-hour city when most stores and activities going on around the clock non-stop.

It is a common to form of greeting to see men or women holding hands, linking arms, and embracing on the cheek with others of the same sex. This is their culture and there are no sexual overtures to it. Men and women do not show affection to each other in public. It is acceptable to hold, or link arms with your partner in public, but that is it. To be on the safe side, and so as not to offend, it is best to follow what you see, Kissing and hugging your partner or boy/girlfriend is not appropriate in public.


Cairo is a shopping adventure. Buy brass, copper, and inlaid wooden articles, silver and gold jewelry, leather shoes, bags and belts, cotton goods and perfumes. Have a gold cartouche made with your name written in hieroglyphics. Be sure that the letters are soldered and not glued on. Have a kaftan of pure Egyptian cotton tailor-made in two days. Shop at the Khan El Khalili Bazaar for better variety, interesting and artistic goods. You should be able to bargain prices that were originally quoted to you.

1- What to wear when in Egypt

2- Egypt Visa requirements & Passport registration

3- Egypt Currency, Banks, & Credit cards

4- Power & Electricity

5- Shops & Pharmacies

6- Call Emergency:

Ambulance: Tel: 123

Police: Tel: 122

Fire: Tel: 125

7- Water, Drinks, & Food

8- Egypt Climate & What To Take

9- Fast food restaurants in Egypt

10- Transportation, Taxi, Buses, Service Vans, Trains, Metro, & River Buses

11- Geography & Distances between cities

12- Culture, Alcohol, Washrooms, & Baksheesh (Tipping) In Egypt

13- Hotels & Nile Cruise Categories

14- Drugs, Crime, & Smoking

15- Customs, Culture, & Shopping

16- Telephone, Cell phones In Egypt

Happy Travel!!

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