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Visa requirements: For most of the nationalities, Visa can be purchased upon arrival at the Egyptian Airports for $25 USD or equivalent in any foreign currency for a period of one month, what you should do on arrival is to go to the bank, buy two stamps to place them in your passport before going through customs.

We normally arrange for and assistance service to help with the Visa process.

Passport registration:

It is a must to register your passport while in Egypt during the first week, but no worries as it is normally done by your hotel within your first 24 hours of staying.

Happy Travel!!

Wall plugs are the two pronged style. Electricity Is 220 volts, 50 cycles AC. Be aware; Not to charge your Camera or Mobile phone in the sleeper train as power is not stable and may cause damage to your devices. But though it can be charged in your tourist coach or van if you have the proper charger.


What to wear: Since the climate in Egypt is continental ( dry and hot in summer time, warm and cool in winter time), it is advised to pack your light clothes the most (shirts, T-shirts and shorts), with two long sleeves pieces; and if coming to Egypt in winter time (The Beginning of December till the end of March), do not forget to pack your wind breaker as well.

You might need a sweater in the early mornings and in the late evenings of winter time as it is normally cool and even gets colder. The most visited places by tourist are sandy and desert, so leather shoes are not highly recommended during the tour. In 5* hotels and Nile Cruises you should wear trousers and shirts especially in Dinner time and no slippers.

For women, it is highly advised not to wear sleeveless tops or hot shorts while in Egypt just to show respect for our culture, but women can wear whatever they like while in sightseeing as most of the people around would be tourists as well.

As for men, it has nothing to do with the Egyptian culture as long as they wear at least shorts, but then they will be looking like real tourist which is O.K except for you might be attracting sellers and hasslers in the street.

Happy Travel!!

You are a great Internet user or an amateur, you will find it difficult to book the sleeper train in Egypt online, and the reason is very simple as the official website of the sleeper trains in Egypt is not maintained or updated.

The only way to book the sleeper train of Egypt to take you from Cairo to Luxor or to Aswan is to have it included in a tour package, or contact local person to buy it for you in advance, otherwise you will have to buy tickets yourself when in Egypt.

Sleeper trains in Egypt go from Cairo to Aswan or Luxor and vise versa, this train will save you the money of a one night stay in a hotel…Each wagon in the train has got 10 cabins each with two beds, water tap(cold &hot), two towels, soap, two pillows, and the room is air-conditioned.

When get in the train, you will find seats in the cabin and no beds, the conductor will serve you hot dinner meal of rice, beef, chicken, or fish, salads or yogurts, and vegetables at 8:00, 8:30 or 9:30 pm, afterwards he is in charge of preparing your beds.

In the early morning before you arrive, you will be served breakfast which is butter, bread, cheese, jam, olives, and tea or coffee.

In general the night train in Egypt is considered on the level of a 4 stars hotel in regards of food, cleanness, and services.

It is an experience the one should not miss

Do You Know You Can See All Classical Egyptian cities In One Trip!!...The classical cities that attract tourist in Egypt are less than 10 cities, and they are Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, and Minya.

One week to tour all these cities is enough, but bear in mind you have to fly between them to save time, and you will see Just the must-see attractions within each city.

but in all and every trip, there will be always a chance to blend with the locals and learn some of the culture and the way of living.

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