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We work with a certain standard of hotels, vehicles, restaurants, etc. If you are willing to upgrade, change, or add any service, this would be on an extra cost, and you will be informed in advance of the cost, we will never step forward regarding this request or upgrade unless you confirm and accept to pay the extra charge of it.

The normal day tour is from 7:00 am until 18:00 pm, if you wanted to keep the car/guide with you for longer than that, this would be considered as additional request and you will be informed of the extra charge that you should pay to extend your tour.

"Any additional request" this is often written in the excluded items of a tour package to indicate that any request that is not mentioned in the proposal is going to be on additional cost however, some requests are achieved by us for free (no charge) like asking for king size bed in a double room instead of twin, asking to change the hotel from a 5 stars to another 5 stars hotel, or even asking to change your guide in case you do not like him/her within a tour.

You might be interested in rooms with views, like pyramid view, Nile view, or even temple view room, this is considered an additional request if not written within the included items, and we will inform you of any possible extra charge for the view beforehand.

Birthday parties or anniversaries are done by us on the Nile cruises at no extra charge however, requesting them in a hotel is considered an additional request.

Considering all the above points, if we confirmed a tour with you, this means we are fully responsible of any and all words we have mentioned in the tour package's proposal.

Arriving in Cairo at 14:05 does not mean you will miss a visit to the Giza Pyramids & the Sphinx, it only takes around 45 minutes from Cairo airport to the pyramids as the site closes at 16:30. After seeing the pyramids, at16:30, we start to drive to Khan El-khalili bazaar (not for shopping) for Islamic Medieval Cairo (you will get to see amazing architecture from the Medieval period), ancient Islamic complexes, mosques, streets, and houses...
You would see the Pyramids, pick a restaurant overlooks the Pyramids and the Sphinx, then go straight to the ancient Cairo area for the little walking tour in the middle of the wonderful atmosphere of the ancient times.

How safe is travel in Egypt?

Security is especially tight, and, all hotels have metal detectors, and Police, at the entrance. People are only allowed to come and go through one or two entrances. Media hype exaggerates what is happening. Egypt is safer than most cities in the USA.

Tour Operators are required to give your itinerary in, around and outside Cairo, to the authorities. In addition they have to provide a list of names, passport numbers and nationalities for all individuals and groups. This allows the police to secure the areas they visit, beforehand.


Can we get a Visa on arrival?

United States, Canada, Western Europe, UK, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan all can obtain a visa on arrival. Other countries need to check with their nearest Egyptian Embassy.

Do I need a Visa if arriving by cruise ship for a short visit?

Permission for foreigners arriving in Egypt on board a cruise ship is granted a permission to visit the port of arrival for 24 hours. They must return to their ship at the same port. One may have permission to enter the country for a visit, not exceeding a period of 3 days, before catching their ship at the port of arrival, or at any other port.

Check with the Purser onboard your Cruise.

Is a Visa required if I enter the country via Sharm El Sheikh or Dahab?

If you arrive, and depart, from Sharm El Sheik or Dahab, a 14 day Visa is issued, without charge, to visit Sharm El Sheik, Dahab, Taba, Nuweiba, and St.Catherine. If you wish to visit Cairo, you must obtain a full paid Visa.

Entry Visas to Egypt

The price for an Egyptian Visa is between $15 and $18 US depending on exchange rate, however we hire the security services to meet our clients prior to customs to assist with visas, and luggage and escort them through to the arrivals hall where they meet with one of our staff members. We charge the clients $25 for the visa and this includes this service. When does the sun lights up Ramses statueThe temple was aligned so that twice a year, on February 22 and October 22, the sun's rays penetrate the length of the temple and flood the sanctuary with light - lighting up the face of the statue

Internet CafesThere are internet cafes everywhere in Egypt and most 4/5 star Hotels offer internet service and business centers. Prices vary depending on the Hotel. There is no internet access on Cruise ships.

Shopping in Cairothere are numerous shopping options in Cairo, the Khan El Khalili is the bazaar, then there are numerous perfume, papyrus and souvenir shops. In addition Cairo now has several new shopping centers where you can shop as you would in the west. If you have a preference or are searching for something special then let your guide know.

Sleeper Trains

The sleeper train has individual cabins with two bunk beds one up and down, a small washbasin and a place to store luggage. You will be served dinner in your cabin, a pretty basic one and then they lower the bunks for sleeping. The washroom is at the end of each carriage, two of them. No showers. It is a bumpy ride and there is nothing to see until early morning as it is of course dark all the way. Breakfast is served in your cabin on the train. It arrives in Luxor around 6am and in Aswan around 9am. Some people enjoy it for the difference. The alternative is the plane which also leaves in the early hours of the morning, so whichever way you choose that night will have limited sleeping time. Either way you need to get a good night's sleep the night before. Why we need passport numbersfor security reasons, all foreigners are checked into the Hotels and Cruises with their passports, this is standard throughout Egypt as the Hotels are required to register everyone with the police. We give the Hotels the info on advance. However if you prefer you can leave the numbers out. Either way I would advise you to bring copies of your passport with you so that you can give them to the Hotels so they don't keep them overnight to copy, also on the Cruises they keep everyone's passports in the pursers office until they depart this is standard on any Cruise worldwide.Ancient Quarries Most ancient quarries have vanished. The few existing ones are not accessible to the Public or are so far away that reaching them in the desert is a major task. They are not considered tourist destinations. The Granite quarries in Aswan can be easily visited with the regular day trip in Aswan. The other famous one is Chain Mountain for the sandstone and can be easily seen from the cruise ship in the area between Edfu and Kom Ombo on the west side of the Nile. Christmas and New Years in Egypt - Compulsory Gala Dinners/EventsChristmas and New Years eves are celebrated in Egypt at the Hotels and on Cruises; they put on Gala dinners and entertainment. Unfortunately they make these occasions mandatory for all guests whether you attend them or not, they still charge. This is throughout Egypt and we have no control over it. The sites stay open as usual. The majority of Egyptians is Muslims and do not celebrate Xmas or New Year, however they readily acknowledge that this is a western holiday and do their best to ensure tourists are able to celebrate. Egyptian Christians (the Coptic orthodox) celebrate Xmas on January 7th. These Gala events vary between $100-$200 per person.

Solar Boat Museum The Solar Boat Museum has a separate entry fee and is NOT included in the cost of the entry fee to the PyramidsAlcohol in EgyptAlcohol is not readily available in Egypt. There are restaurants, bars and mini bars that serve alcohol. If you buy alcohol to drink in your room, then please make sure it is sealed on arrival in Egypt and that you are discreet about leaving bottles out in the open in your room. Muslims are not allowed to purchase alcohol.

Can I meditate or stay overnight in the Great Pyramid?

This is not possible unless you have managed to negotiate a special permit with the department of Antiquities. These are not regularly permitted and you must have a special reason for doing so. We cannot assist with these.

Going into Small Pyramid

Going inside the pyramids is more to say you have been in a pyramid than anything else. It is claustrophobic and not recommended for anyone who is - you walk down steep steps into the main chamber and return the same way. The ceilings are low, and you have to bend in some spots. There is a larger space once your reach the main chamber but basically it is a narrow corridor with people coming both ways. It is hot and humid as there is no ventilation inside. These were built as tombs not for people coming and going. The smaller two take about 10-15mins and the large one only permits 100 people twice a day and you have to line up yours self for that one as they will not allow guides to buy tickets. For the small ones no problem, they rotate the two smaller pyramids frequently so we never know exactly which one it will be.  As I indicated many people wish to do it to say they have been inside a pyramid. No cameras are allowed inside.

(Option for entering the large pyramids is around $50 US and only sell 150 tickets twice a day, the guide will take you to the line if you are interested and you can purchase the tickets at that time.)

Regarding Climbing Pyramidson the large Pyramid you can climb a little way to the main entrance, where all the tourists are allowed, but you cannot climb any of them other than this, and it is not wise to even try, there are police at every pyramid and they take no nonsense. An Egypt jail is not where you want to spend your vacation. Don't even try as if you do and you don't stop and come down when asked the Police can shoot you. These are protected historical monuments and they do not take any chances, and there are no exceptions for anyone.

The King's Chamber in the Large Pyramid

The King's Chamber is the burial place of King Khufu and YES it is inside his Pyramid. They only sell a set amount of tickets a day, and you will have to line up with your passport in hand either early morning or around noon in order to get tickets. Guides are not allowed to purchase tickets. The charge is approx. $50 US..Red Sea:

What is the water temperature of the Red Sea during winter?

It is warm, between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius during the winter time, which is December to February. It is much hotter during the rest of the year.

How long do I have to wait to fly after diving?

You should wait 24 hours to fly after diving.

When do Nile Cruises depart?

There are a few exceptions, but these are the main departures.

Departures from Aswan, on Mondays and Fridays Departures from Luxor, on Saturdays and Mondays

Where do the Nile Cruises go from, and to?...Currently, they go between Luxor and Aswan, or reverse. The occasional cruise between Luxor and Cairo is done when repositioning after annual maintenance. This type of Cruise requires long term planning.

What size are the rooms on the Nile Cruise Ships?Rooms are the same size as on most cruise ships, small and compact. With a private bath, all have outside cabins. Most ships cannot accommodate triples or quads, as these ships only carry 100-200 passengers.

When do we board the ship?

On arrival in Luxor or Aswan, you will drop off your luggage on the ship, and then proceed onto sightseeing. Previous guests need to depart before you can check into your rooms. Upon your return, around 1 -2pm, you will join the cruise for a late lunch, and, check into your room.

Do we have a ship guide or our own guide?

It could be either, but usually, our guides are land based and will meet you at each stop for the sightseeing.  On rare occasions we use the ship guides.

Do we sleep on the ship?

Yes. It will be 3 or 4 nights on the ship, depending on cruise schedule.

Where do the 7 night Cruises go?

3 and 4 night cruises, from Aswan to Luxor have actual sailing time of 1 night and 1day.3 and 4 night cruises, from Luxor to Aswan have actual sailing time of 1night and 1day.The rest of the time the cruise ship is a floating hotel dockside, and, a base for sightseeing in Luxorand Aswan. This means, if you choose seven days, you are simply reversing the same journey, duplicating the same stops and sightseeing.

Can we get a room on the ship with a balcony?

There are only one or two ships with balconies, owned, and operated, by a company for their own groups. Some other ships that have large windows that open, like French windows, but these are not balconies.

How long does the ship sail?

The ship only sails for one day and one night, the rest of the time they are dockside in Luxor and Aswan, docked alongside other ships. Sometimes you will see as many as 6 ships deep. You will do your sightseeing while docked.

What are Lake Nasser cruises?

Lake Nasser is south of the High Dam in Aswan. There are several high end luxury cruises that operate on Lake Nasser. Sightseeing includes Abu Simbul temples, and many other temples rescued from the water when building the High Dam.

Length of time to get there and how long there:

How long does it take to get to Dendara & Abydos?This is a day trip, out of Luxor, and takes approx 4 hours each way, by convoy. The convoy controls the length of time at each site, but usually, there is plenty of time to see the temples.

How long does a trip take to Bhahariya Oasis, and, how much time do we need to spend there?

The Bahariya Oasis can be either, 2 days and 1 night, or, 3 days and 2 nights.

The drive is about 5 hours from Cairo. This is where they have recently found the Valley of the Golden Mummies.

How long does it take between Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh?

Dahab to Sharm is a 3 hour drive, each way.

How long is the sound and light show, and when does it start?

The Sound and Light Show at Giza lasts approximately 55 minutes. Start times vary, as they show is presented in various languages. They rotate the shows on different nights. For instance, the English version usually starts at 6.30 pm and lasts approx 2 hours

The artists have masterfully created a spectacle show that draws you in as part of history. Our driver will pick you up at your hotel and transfer you to Giza or Karnak (in Luxor) at the end of the show the driver will be waiting to take you back to your hotel.

How long do we spend at the Bazaar and is the guide with us?

We normally allocate 1 - 2 hours, depending on how much time we have free. The guide is with you, but it is impossible to keep everyone together due to the narrow crowded streets. The guide will normally allocate a set place for everyone to meet at a certain time.

How long does it take to travel from Aswan to Luxor or reverse?

It takes approx 3-4 hours either by road or by train. Unless there is a group of 5 or more it is more cost effective to travel by Train. There are 2 stops on the train, and it leaves Luxor at 6am and 6pm.

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