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The high dam is located just at the south of Aswan 16 k.m from the city. It was built at the time of president Nasser to protect Egypt from the flood of the Nile river and to arrange irrigation. Nasser had to nationalize Sues canal to fund the project as the international bank controlled by the English at that time refused to fund it. The projet was started and achieved by the help of Soviet union. The last Nile's flood was able to cross into Egypt was in August 1960 just before changing the main canal ogf the Nile and preparing the foundation of the great dam. The dam is 111 meters high, 900 meters width from the bottom, and 40 meters width at the top. It is 17 time as big as the great pyramid of Giza. As a result to the high dam, many of the Nubian temples were submerged into the water of the Lake which is one of the biggest arificial lakes in the world with 500 k.m length, these temples were moved by the Egyptian authorities and the UNESCO organization. Amnog these temples is the great temples of Ramses II at Abusimbel. Crocodiles adn Hypos used to cross into Egypt before the dam, but now they no longer able to do it because of the dam and the deep lake. The lake which were named after president Nasser is now one of the biggest fishing spots in Egypt and also used by cruises to see the Nubian temples by tourist.

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