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A village of Pharaonic design located about 40 km. east of Mut, Bashendi Village hosts an lslamic cemetery as well as Roman tombs, the most significant being the Tomb of Kitnes. However, visitors of the area often enjoy the way of daily life and the unlimited scenary surrounding it.

Bashandi falls at the eastern end of the oasis, the little town of Bashendi is, like most of the towns in the oasis, built on the site of a much more ancient town. For me, the town is worth a look for the unusual design of the houses, many of which have a covered front porch supported by square pillars. The design is said to be based on ancient Pharaonic patterns.bashandi-village

The tombs are at the back of the village. The domed one belongs to a medieval sheikh named Pasha Hindi (from which the name of the village is contracted), but Roman elements are still visible in the construction of the dome. The adjacent tomb, known as the Tomb of Kitinos, is from the 2nd century A.D. and was more recently used as a billet for Sanussi soldiers during World War I. There are six chambers inside, and the walls are decorated to show the original owner of the tomb meeting his makers.

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