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Siwa Oases is located in Egypt in the Western desert, it is the closest oases to the Lebian border. Siwa is consedered one of the most beatiful oasis in Egypt with Springs, Wells, and even lakes, add to all this the ancient monuments of Queen Cleopatra and Alexander the great. If you would like to know about Which one of the oases is with the most toursit attractions?...the answer is Siwa!!

It is the most attractive spot to the tourist in the Western desert as it has got the typical Bedouin lifestyle, the Berber, and the Egyptian style, all can be experienced in that charming place.

Places To See In Siwa Oases:

  • Cleopatra Spring

  • Shali (Siwa's mud-brick homes)

  • Alexander's Oracle Temple

  • Last standing wall at the Temple of Amun

  • Body of water at Siwa Oasis

  • Desert sand dunes around Siwa

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