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amusement-parks-in-cairoThere are many amusement parks in Cairo, all of them are very well known to locals than tourists, and at least one amusement park can be found in every zone of Cairo, some of them are modest, and some others are fancy. Below is a list of amusement parks in Cairo with address and phone number.

Amusement/Theme Parks


Terminal of el-Nozha Metro
Heliopolis Cairo

+20 2 296 9550

2-Al Fustat Garden

Salah Salem Street Cairo

+20 2 363 9229

3-cinema studios & the Magic land in Cairo

4-Dream Land


6-Aqua Park

7-Koki Park

Geography & Distances

Egypt falls just in the north east corner of Africa, Sinai - a part of Egypt is in Asia, African Asiatic country of one million Kilo meters square. A lot of domestic flights can be taken to travel in between cities. Flash airlines, Memphis airlines, and Egyptair is the best among them.

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