About Egypt

about egyptComing to Egypt and want to know about it before your vacation starts? .. Here you find wanted information and details about Egypt travel; full detailed attraction information, entrance fees of sites, fun places to visit, tips for travelers, frequently asked questions, and history. Also some information about Egyptian expert tour guides you can hire for your holiday.

admission feesIt is a must in Egypt to use Egyptian pounds as a currency to buy the admission fees, so be prepared! The Egyptian currency is the Pounds which is referred to as L.E stands for Livre Egyptien, or EGP stands for Egyptian pound.

fun kidsWhen families plan their trip to Egypt, they always think about their kids and what kind of fun activities they could have in the land of the pharaohs where the fun and joy for elders is guaranteed! There are many fun places for kids in Egypt, especially in Cairo where there are many amusement parks, and aqua fun places.

tips for travelersGet the info needed for your Egypt trip. Answers to all the questions that might be in your mind before the trip. What to wear, where to go, what to do and when, taxi prices, food and drinks, climate, best time to travel Egypt, cell phones and phones, how to give tips, ... etc.

FAQ2Answers to most frequently asked questions, just spend some few minutes on reading answers in this section before taking off, it is going to be very helpful.Also, a good idea is to print all questions and answers written in this section and take it with you.. Be prepared.. Be ready!

google pushpin mdHere is a list of some of the recommended places to visit around and in Cairo, also some selected places from all over Egypt. some of them are must-see places and some others are off the beaten track. Click each attraction to read full details and get introduction so you can travel Egypt easier and safer.

King Tut Ankh Amun Golden MaskIn this section, you will find articles about Egyptian history, some ancient stories, analysis of ancient and modern Egyptian history, plus interesting articles written by our expert tour guides and Egyptologists. Also you can always sign up and share your input here if you have some interseting stories from Egypt or stories about your Egypt travel.

egypt tour guidesA tour guide in Egypt is a person with a certificate from the university who spent 4 years studying Egyptology science. Tour guides get a license from the ministry of tourism to get to work with tourist groups and individuals. He is in charge of leading the group and providing a curate information about Egypt. Also to explain history and show the tourist around different places and attractions.

tour guidingAre you a Tour Guide?...or a Tour Leader?...or want to be a Tour Guide in Egypt?.... What does it take to be a tour guide in Egypt?...This tour guiding training course is very useful for all who want to know about Tour guiding in Egypt, or take it as a career.



animals in ancient egyptAnimals were so important in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians worshiped animals and there were hundreds of animal gods and goddesses in the ancient times. These animals were worshiped for reasons and some of them were good gods while some others were evil and the ancient Egyptian worshiped both with some kind of equality that is not empty of contradictions!


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osirusEgypt Travelers Tips

These tips include:

*What to wear
*Guide for wise tipping
*Restaurants & Transportation
*Customs, culture, & Shopping
*General Information
*Tourist scams and how to avoid!
*Egyptian Visa requirements

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