aswanAswan is the most southern city of Egypt. It is also one of the largest separate governorates. The community of the Island of Elephantine has been always the main and central part of the city. The city itself is small in size with a population number of 347,512 including the Nubians who were moved from the southern part of the Nile due to building the high dam and having the big artificial lake of Nasser replacing their original villages. The main profession in Aswan is agriculture where dates, sugarcane, vegetables, and fruits are grown. Aswan Tourism is a big industry; however, it comes second after agriculture!


things to do aswanHere you find things to do, tour options and excursions in and around Aswan, tours to Abusimbel, Kom ombo, and Edfu, tours from Aswan to Luxor, full day tours to the high dam and Philae temple. Also know about the top attractions of Aswan and the must-sees.

kom ombo aswanAswan is a small city, but it used to be one of the most important cities in Africa in the past as it was the biggest market in the content and the meeting point of all African traders. Ancient Egyptians built many temples and tombs in Aswan. we make tours to the must-sees of Aswan and also some other tours off the beaten track.

kom ombo aswanThe ancient and the modern sites of Aswan are very popular and iconic tourist attractions and are a must in all the classical trips to Egypt. The high dam, the unfinished obelisk, the temple of Philae, the Elephantine island, the Nubian and Aswan museums, Kom Ombo temple, Edfu temple, and Abusimbel temples are the must-sees of Aswan. However, there is still many more other places to see such as the NUbian tombs, the Nubian houses, the Nubian village, and the temple of Khnum.


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