Cairo is a vast city with over 8 million inhabitant increases to 12 million as the city is the main business center and the capital city of Egypt. Cairo itself lies on the eastern bank of the Nile 23 Km. above the division line between upper and Lower Egypt at Giza; however, Giza itself is part of Greater Cairo as well as Qalyoubiyya to the north which increases the population number to 20 and half millions. It was founded by the commander Al-muizz (Fatimid). Cairo is the largest city and the most populous in Africa and the Middle East. Despite being the largest, it is one of the youngest governorates of Egypt. Recently the Governorates of Helwan and Sixth of October were added to Greater Cairo.

Find information about Cairo, Cairo things to do, Cairo hotels. All what you need to know about Cairo before coming to Egypt. Know what to do, what to wear, what to avoid, and what the must-sees are.

Sphinx pyramidExplore Cairo with Egypt Fun Tours

There are many different things to do in Cairo. You could come to visit Egypt and only stay in Cairo for a full week and however, time is not enough to cover all the things you should do in Cairo during your stay. Find information, tours and things to do and pick those meet your specifications and needs.

camel silouette pyramidCairo Sightseeing Tours

There is a big variety of tour options you can do in Cairo. The big city has it all, from the very ancient Pharaonic monuments to the very modern architectures, amusement places. parks, and even cinema studios. We offer a range of tours that cover all the possible options and activities.

Memphis SphinxSpend your layover with Egypt Fun Tours

Cairo layover & transit tours from Cairo airport. See the must-sees of Cairo, pyramids, Sphinx, Cairo museum, Sakkara step pyramid, Coptic Cairo, Dahshur pyramids, down town, Khan Elkhalili bazaar and Islamic Cairo. Get out of the airport and add Cairo to your travel list. We do the best Cairo layover tours in Egypt with very competitive prices.

camel headAmazing Fun Day Tours in Cairo

Take a look at our Cairo Full day tours. Choose from various tour options to many iconic sites to see like The pyramids, Sakkara, Dahshur, the ancient capital city of Memphis, the national Egyptian museum, Islamic & coptic sites, and Khan El-khalili bazaar. We offer you the best day trips & excursions in Cairo.

walking marketIt's more fun to walk with Egypt Fun Tours

Many people find it more fun to walk rather than being inside a vehicle. Walking in a foreign country is even much more fun as to be inside the picture not just watching it. For this kind of tours, Egypt Fun Tours got a full team of professional local guides specialists in walking tours in Egypt, all for your full excitement and joy.


cairo night tours

Popular Night Tours in Cairo

In a short amount of time, tour Cairo city at night, visit sightseeing, get to know Cairo's night life, cruise the Nile, hub on a Felucca, attend belly dancer shows, dervish shows, night clubs, cafes and pubs, or even stroll around the tourist market at khan Elkhalili.

alex pillarDo All Egypt Tours From Cairo

Full day trips from Cairo to cities like Alexandria, fayoum oasis, the oases of the Western desert "El-Wahat", and to the cities and destinations by the northern coast of the mediterranean and the eastern coast of the Red sea. If you belong to those who prefer to stay in Cairo and do want to see other cities and destinations, then this is the way to go. choose from these options.

tea fishawy mintCairo Short Holidays

Cairo short breaks are perfect for you having a long weekend holiday to Cairo, include visits to all the iconic sites in and around Cairo Egypt with a private tour guide in Cairo, choose any of our Cairo short breaks tours and enjoys a mix of ancient marvels and modern-day chaos on a weekend break in Cairo.

half day tours cairoShort Tours In Cairo

You are in the right place to choose one tour option to visit one specific attraction of all the sites Cairo has to offer.

ramses memphisBreathtaking must-see sites

This is a list of Cairo's top attractions. It is recommended to have at least three days in Cairo to get to see the must-see attractions and the iconic sites including the Giza pyramids, Egyptian national museum, citadel of Saladdin, cCoptic Cairo, the large tourist bazaar, Sakkara step pyramid, Dahshur pyramids, Memphis, and all attractions the city has to offer.

Al Azhar mosque cairoExplore Medieval Cairo

Cairo is a very large city, it has been founded to be the capital city of the fatimids who ruled over the Islamic empire at the end of the first milinium after Christ. The fatimids built many beautiful mosques inside thier new city, and then the city was fully loaded with many more mosques at the Mamluks and the Ottoman eras. Find below some of these beautiful Cairo mosques. 

Recommended Cairo cairo hotelsHotels

Cairo is a big city with hundreds of hotels with different categories, looking for cheap budget hotels, or expensive luxury ones, find info here about all Cairo hotels, availability, pricing, and much more.


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