• Visit Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan, and do the most peaceful classical Egypt tour.
  • Tired of waiting at airports for your connection flights?... Join us in an unforgettable layover tour to see the iconic sites of Cairo.
  • Enjoy your dinner while watching Cairo belly dancer and Tannora show.
  • The beautiful city in the south of Egypt.
  • Relax and enjoy the landscapes of the fertile Nile valley and the ancient temples, while cruising on board of luxury deluxe cruise ships.

Egyptology Tours

Mainly this package is for Egyptologists, designed to provide professionals with permissions and tools needed for a study Egypt trip with a full understanding of what Egyptologist needs while exploring ancient sights of Egypt. Travelers of Egypt always come back for a second vacation and one of the reasons is to get enough time exploring the sights they liked in their first stay and did not get enough of it.


Our Egyptology tours offer a one full day nearly for each single sight, and days collected together to form your wonderful satisfactory trip to Egypt.

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